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Les Vignes de Marcoux
Les Vignes de Marcoux “The Vines of Marcoux”

Marcoux is the maiden name of the mother of Mike Sauer (owner/grower). Les Vignes de Marcoux is a distinctly different vineyard site from Red Willow Vineyards.

Red Willow, with its stone walls, steep slopes, and stone chapel, has a European ambience. Hawks are often seen soaring over the vineyard premise.

Les Vignes, bordered for miles by desert sage and cattle range, has a rustic, western feel. Occasional herds of wild mustangs, roaming coyotes, and range cattle are part of the landscape. Athanum Ridge, the foothills of the Cascades, and the top of snow capped Mt. Adams are prominent features viewed from Les Vignes.

Les Vignes de Marcoux is located approximately ¾ of a mile west of Red Willow on the 80yr old Stephenson family farm. This 60 acre vineyard slopes south and south east with an elevation range of 1100-1300 feet. The soils are sandy loam and less variable than the steep vineyards of Red Willow. Recent plantings at this location have emphasized multiple and different clones, creative trellising and continued planting of unusual varieties including Aglianico, Barbera, Carmenere and Malbec.

View from Les Vignes de Marcoux looking east toward Red Willow Vineyard

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